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Magant Sounddeck 600

The Sounddeck is an All-In-One Active Home Cinema Sound System which sits perfectly below the Flat screen TV. it has 4 mid ranged speakers placed in front of the sounddeck with twitters at both the corners. The sub woofers are placed beneath the sounddeck to produce  full and emphatic bass. 

With the Magnat Sounddeck 600 there is no need to set up an additional subwoofer like other home cinema systems. 

             "This saves space and effort and money"

With all this technology, the result is 280 watts of music performance. This delivers amazing volume levels for the evening action film or even a live concert from the grand arena.

Test it and see the difference. Even at low volume you will be able to enjoy crystal clear voice with volume from low to high. 



For sophisticated audio enthusiast. who prefer more base,  Sounddeck 600 provides superior sound systems with fully active two-way system with fabric dome tweeters, four midrange drivers in a bass reflex housing.

Sounddeck 600 delivers maximum base production with its two integrated down-firing subwoofers at the bottom of the sounddeck. The front of the wooden housing of Sounddeck 600 reveals the Dolby Digital Decoder, various EQ presets and Bluetooth Functionality for high-quality wireless streaming.







Magant Sounddeck 700

Fully active home cinema sound deck with integrated dual subwoofer and Bluetooth 

With its excellent dynamics and powerful bass range, the fully active home cinema sound system with integrated dual downfire subwoofer is the absolute top model in Magnat´s sound deck portfolio.

The integrated 6-channel class D amplifier with a digital signal processor produces an impressive output of 130 watt RMS. Two fabric cones, four woofers and two long-stroke subwoofers transform this concentrated fire power into dynamic home cinema sound.

The integrated Dolby digital decoder and the DSP-controlled 3D surround sound program provide for a wide-ranging sound panorama, especially for enjoying films.


Wireless music transmission in CD quality is ensured via Bluetooth, including the audiophilenaptX standard. Combined with the elegant and very stable MDF enclosure with its high-gloss lacquered front and integrated metal cover grille, the Sounddeck 700 is the ideal playing partner for users who have the highest demands in terms of both acoustics and appearance.







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